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Bel Group : A new way of snacking

A new way of snacking : how to propose a personalized snacking shopping experience ?

Present your innovative solutions for a customized approach that help customers to propose specific snacks or / and to create their own snack, according to their desires/feelings/nutritional needs.

The solution should be developed for vending machine and/or in-store. Important to be user and CRS friendly (for example on packaging).

- Artificial intelligence

- Machine learning / Smart vending machine

- In store shopping experience

- Include consumers nutritional requirements

What Bel will bring :

- Meeting with teams to better understand Bel needs and use cases, in order to identify how to work together

- Experimentations / Proof of concept / co-development operations with the most relevant projects

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Inscription et calendrier

- Closing date: May 24th, 2018

- Meet-up with preselected companies: end of June


Je candidate

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